US 10Y Yield: Is a 500% Rally Enough, or Will Rates Continue Higher?


US Treasury bond yields have been moving higher for the past 4 years.

Furthermore, the rally marks the largest 200-week rally in 10-year yield history. Wow!

So today, we ask, are yields tired after this big run-up? Is it time for a pullback?

US 10Y Weekly

Today’s chart highlights the 564% rally over the past 200 weeks. Incredible.

So it seems likely that yields will need some consolidation/pullback soon. And it’s noteworthy that a big test of resistance remains overhead: the 2007 financial crisis highs.

Yields would need to break out over that level for investors to think that yields are headed substantially higher.

If yield breaks out here, the next long-term Fibonacci extension level suggests rates could head toward the 6.5% level!  Stay tuned!


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