Adial Pharmaceuticals secures patent for AUD treatment


CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Adial Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ADIL), Inc. (NASDAQ: ADIL; ADILW), a biopharmaceutical company specializing in addiction treatment, announced today it has obtained a new patent to enhance its intellectual property regarding a genetic diagnostic tool used in conjunction with AD04, its lead drug candidate for alcohol use disorder (AUD) and potential drug dependencies such as opioid use disorder (OUD).

The patent solidifies the company’s rights surrounding the use of its proprietary genetic diagnostic to identify patients with specific genotypes that may respond favorably to AD04. This follows a post hoc analysis of the ONWARD Phase 3 trial results, which indicated a subset of patients with particular genotypes experienced significant benefits from the drug.

CEO of Adial Pharmaceuticals, Cary Claiborne, expressed optimism about the patent’s ability to broaden the company’s market potential in the United States, highlighting an estimated $40 billion addressable market for AD04 among patients with the targeted genotypes. Claiborne emphasized the company’s commitment to advancing personalized treatment options for AUD and OUD based on genetic factors.

AD04 is a serotonin-3 receptor antagonist and is being developed as a genetically targeted therapeutic agent for AUD in patients who are heavy drinkers. The ONWARD trial demonstrated promising outcomes in reducing heavy drinking without significant safety or tolerability concerns. Moreover, AD04 has the potential to address other addictive disorders, such as gambling and obesity.

This announcement is based on a press release statement from Adial Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

InvestingPro Insights

Adial Pharmaceuticals’ recent patent acquisition for its genetic diagnostic tool, paired with its lead drug candidate, AD04, is a strategic step toward tapping into the substantial market for addiction treatment. The company’s focus on personalized medicine in addressing alcohol and opioid use disorders aligns with a growing trend in the healthcare industry. As Adial Pharmaceuticals positions itself within this niche, financial metrics and expert analysis from InvestingPro provide a deeper understanding of the company’s current market standing and potential investment considerations.

The latest data from InvestingPro shows Adial Pharmaceuticals with a market capitalization of just $1.7 million USD, reflecting the small size of the company within the biopharmaceutical sector. This figure is particularly relevant for investors considering the scope of the company’s market potential versus its current valuation. Additionally, the company’s price/book ratio, as of the last twelve months ending Q3 2023, stands at 0.79, which could be indicative of the stock trading below the value of its assets, a point of interest for value investors.

In terms of performance, Adial Pharmaceuticals has experienced a 1-year price total return of -88.22%, a stark indicator of the stock’s significant decline over the past year. This aligns with an InvestingPro Tip that notes the stock has fared poorly over the last month, as well as over longer periods, including the last three, six, and twelve months. Furthermore, the company’s EBITDA growth over the last twelve months ending Q3 2023 was 19.72%, suggesting some operational improvements despite the stock’s downward trend.

InvestingPro Tips highlight that Adial Pharmaceuticals holds more cash than debt on its balance sheet and has liquid assets exceeding short-term obligations, both of which are crucial for sustaining operations and funding ongoing research and development. However, analysts do not anticipate the company will be profitable this year, and the stock is currently in oversold territory according to the Relative Strength Index (RSI), which could signal a potential turning point for risk-tolerant investors looking for entry points.

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